Pop Stars In Baths

Pop Stars In Baths

(C) Trueshopping

Rihanna’s new music video sees the Bajan star sitting in a bath looking rather sad. However, this is not the first time a pop star has appeared in a bath. Baths have, and will continue to have, a profound effect on pop stars. With this in mind, let us have a look at pop stars in baths.

Rihanna – “Stay”

It seems fitting to start with Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The singer’s latest single, “Stay”, is an emotional ballad in which the singer asks a certain someone to hang around. This is probably why, in the video, she is lounging in the bath, rather than walking around trying to find someone. If someone were to stay, as she asks, then they would probably be in the bath with her. In fact, this is the significance of the bath in this video; it signifies Rihanna’s stationary situation.

Britney Spears – “Everytime”

This may, for some, seem an obvious choice; think baths, think Britney. They wouldn’t be wrong. If anyone knows how to fully use a bath in a music video it is Britney Spears. The bath in this video actually adds to the narrative, with Britney, who appears to drown, being transported to a big white corridor. The viewer is given the impression that Britney has died. There is some sort of death and birth motif, some fade to white scenes. Then, just when we think Britney really has died in that bath, she emerges out of the water and smiles. All is well. The bath, therefore, acts as a narrative device. Clever bath.

Lady Gaga – “You and I” and “Marry the Night”

Lady Gaga is no stranger to the bath. She performed her hit, “Bad Romance”, on the X Factor UK with a bath/piano prop. This was amazing. The bath here provided not only a focal point for the performance, but also a way for Gaga to bring her piano on stage, without the hassle of actually having to bring a piano on stage. Very well done to the bath/piano hybrid.

However, it is the baths that feature in “You and I” and “Marry the Night” that are particularly symbolic. In “You and I”, Gaga is a mermaid and, to be honest, a bath is the only place that a mermaid should be. I believe that if said mermaid were to get too dry it would be unwell. Therefore the bath serves to keep Mermaid Gaga alive.

Lady Gaga as a mermaid in a bath. ©  Interscope Records

The bath in “Marry the Night” proposes something different. It appears just after Gaga has had her “breakdown”, or rather is having her “breakdown”. The bath, however, is where Gaga manages to paint her hair blue, and become fresh and new. Without the bath, Gaga’s progression to pop star would have been impossible. The bath allows her to start singing “Marry the Night”, and realise that she can put studs on denim and go to a dance class. The bath, therefore, is restorative, not only for Gaga’s mental health, but also her career as a performer.

Gaga can also be seen in a bath for the promotional video that she created with Terry Richardson for  “Cake”.

Basically, Lady Gaga really likes baths.

Katy Perry – “Part of Me”

In Katy Perry’s advert for the marines, “Part of Me, she can be found, very briefly, in a bath. This part of the video acts as flash backs so Perry, who has joined the marines, can get over her cheating love-rat of a boyfriend. In this circumstance the bath is bad, as Katy associates baths with her ex-boyfriend. Naughty bath.

Nicki Minaj – “I Am Your Leader”

In one of the promotional videos that Minaj created for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, “I Am Your Leader”, the bath acts more as a centrepiece to offshoot Nicki’s bright green hair. The purple bath, filled to the brim with bubbles, not only is purple (amazing), but also shows Minaj as a relaxed woman who, at any time, can have a large bubble bath and not feel bad about it. She shows that there are no rules to being in the tub by wearing long silver boots and keeping her green hair perfectly dry. This bath says: Fuck the haterz etc.

Beyoncé – “Me, Myself, and I”

In Beyoncé’s split personality song, “Me, Myself and I”, the singer uses the bath for a purpose we have all dreamed of: the aggressive emotional soak. Beyoncé is pissed because her man has been cheating, as per. She crawls around on the floor for a bit, but it is in the bath that she is truly able to show her emotions. She hits the water, she cries in the bath, rubbing soapsuds all over her. It is an emotional time. However, the bath seems to have a minor restorative effect, much like the bath in Lady Gaga’s video. The warm water is obviously helping to calm Beyoncé’s nerves, like a bit wet hug. The bath here is helping a woman get over infidelity in her relationship, calming her split personalities. Friendly bath

I am sure there are more pop stars that utilise that bath, and there should be. As we have seen that bath has been an important focal point, narrative device, and crux for some of these singers. So let us learn from them, and run ourselves a bath.


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