Betty Who?


Betty Who

Betty Who

Jess Newham originates from Sydney, Australia. She now lives in America, having been scouted by an American performing arts school for playing classical cello. Speaking of her transition from classical music to her current pop-tinged sound, she states: “I really liked not practicing cello and writing songs about boys, so I applied to college for that instead.” Thank goodness she did, as we wouldn’t have swede-pop-sounding Betty Who.

Bursting onto the music scene at the tail end of last year with the fantastic “Fire With Fire”, a stomping pop spectacular complete with great hooks, Betty Who has recently released a follow-up EP, The Movement, a four-track EP led by single “Somebody Loves You”, a fast paced and catchy slice of 80s pop.

BettyWho_TheMovement_Front_1600x1600_72dpi-590x590Second single, “You’re In Love”, is surrounded by glittery synths, while Betty Who’s vocals are breathy and subtle. This theme continues with the mid-tempo “Right Here”, a melancholic love song featuring the fantastic lyric: “I could love you if you’d let me dear, so stay right here.”

However, the final song on the EP, “High Society”, which utilises an arpeggiator (as all good pop should), is the highlight of the collection. The song speaks about young love, with a theme of youthful exuberance running through it. The chorus is amazing, with Betty asking: “Won’t you carry me away/After endless ballroom dreams/ With you starting every day/ We’ll be high society/ We’ll drink Chardonnay through the day/Cause we say so/ A silk lapel suits you well baby you know/With you each and every day/ We’ll be high society.”

Another striking thing about the EP is the strong production values. It all sounds rather expensive, surprising due to Betty Who’s current ‘unsigned’ status (something that will not last long).

Anyway, The Movement is available to stream on Betty Who’s YouTube, and Soundcloud, but I have included a stream to the whole EP. It is very good, obvs!  It is also available to download FOR FREE! You would be an idiot not to.


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